Envelope Glue Machine
Silicone paper sticking machine

Silicone paper sticking machine

Envelope Glue Machine
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Silicone paper sticking machine TZ382 can apply water-based pressure sensitive glue,and stick a piece of silicone paper on cover flap of unfolded envelope, or stick a piece of double-faced tape on paper.

This machine has the functions of feeding paper by suction from bottom of paper pile,aligning paper by pushing pins in chains, applying glue by roller, sticking silicone paper  and collecting paper by suction cylinder.

Moreover,if install an accessory, it can also stick film on the envelope window after modification.

Applicable paper
70-150g/㎡(can make 250g/㎡ after modification)
Working speed
Applicable range
Total power
Weight of machine
Dimensions of machine

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